Neat typographic links

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A couple of useful links for graphic design students. One from a current BAGCer (thanks Izzy!), helps you find fonts that are similar to one another, based on “an experiment to see how machine learning can address challenges in design”.

The second, from BAGC graduate Steve Chen, is this site, mixing fonts to great, sometimes dissonant effect. Thanks Steve!


BA Graphics students collaborate with S4C for St David’s Day ident


Second year BA Graphic Communication students have recently collaborated with S4C on a St David’s Day themed design project, which will air on the channel tomorrow (Weds 1st March).

Read the full story on the S4C website.

David wins Student Led Teaching Fellowship award

BAGC course leader David Wrenne recently won the Student Led Teaching Fellowship award in the category of ‘member of staff that provides assessments that promote learning’.

Here is a video of David explaining just what it is that makes him a winner (stay tuned until the end when fellow BAGC lecturer Ian Weir makes an unexpected aural contribution):

Christopher Doyle talks about graphic design

Interesting and insightful presentation from Christopher Doyle about his design career and the key moments that have shaped how he works as a designer.

“An internationally recognised designer with over 15 years’ experience, Christopher has worked at some of Australia’s leading brand and design agencies”

Cardiff Branding Agency @BurningRed say ‘hi’ to Jake!


As part of his second year Work Experience module BAGCer Jacob is working at the creative marketing juggernaut that is Burning Red in Cardiff Bay.

The company describe Jake as ‘a great asset to the team’ and he’s clearly getting so much from the experience: “The placement has been amazing so far, learnt so many different and cool things already!”.

Image: Burning Red