London conference and studio visits

Our first year BAGCers have just come back from a trip to London for a conference called ‘4Designers’. During the three day visit they also spent time at some amazing design studios and companies, as well as meeting some of our graduates who are now working in the City. Here are a few pics and quotes from the students.

After visiting the studios of Carter Wong: “I feel like Carter Wong Design encapsulates everything I love about the industry, I particularly like their appreciation of hand crafted elements and ways of seeing things. They are the kind of agency I would one day love to work for.”

Visiting the ‘Moving Brands’ agency: “Moving Brands was enlightening in that it showed me that Graphic Design isn’t some isolated, elitist “club” that allows only the established professionals to work on the most important projects. It’s a really open, friendly community, and I really began to understand that in the little time I spent at the studio”. “Visiting Moving Brands studio was certainly one of the coolest experiences I ever had”

“Loved the visit to ‘Dare’ studios. The studio itself was amazing, it felt welcoming and friendly.”


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